Drs. Staudhammer, Atkinson, Shogren, Starr, and Heinrich awarded $3M NSF grant for Woods to Water (W2W) training for the next generation of ecologists and natural resource managers

Drs. Christie Staudhammer, Carla Atkinson, Arial Shogren, Greg Starr, and Kaleb Heinrich have been awarded an NSF-RaMP grant. This is a $3 million grant to train postbaccalaureates in field ecology, targeting participants who have been traditionally under-represented in ecology and natural resources. The team will be recruiting 3 cohorts of 10 students for year-long training that will occur at our local NEON sites and the Jones Center at Ichauway in southwest Georgia, with integrated classroom exercises and workshops. Units will cover “Woods to Water,” emphasizing the connectivity between terrestrial and aquatic systems. The team expects their first cohort in May 2024.

For more information, visit the project website: