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Biology is the science of living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution and interactions with the larger environment. It includes the study of ecology, genetics, microbiology, cellular, developmental, environmental, and molecular biology.


The Department of Biological Sciences offers curricula leading to three Bachelor of Science degrees in biology, microbiology, and marine science. General coursework in the major includes inorganic and organic chemistry and calculus, as well as courses in the humanities, social sciences, English composition and literature, and history. Required and elective coursework in biology includes both lecture classes and laboratory experiences.


The Department of Biological Sciences also offers minors in biology, microbiology and marine science, and participates in interdisciplinary minors in natural resource management and evolutionary studies. In addition, the department offers non-majors biology coursework that fulfills the Natural Science (N) core curriculum requirement, and courses that fulfill pre-clinical biology requirements for nursing, kinesiology, athletic training, and other majors.
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UA Biology faculty are world-class researchers and teachers ready to provide you with the foundational skills you need to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. Our department has a history of excellence in the field of biological research, including evolutionary biology, developmental biology, ecology, bacterial and eukaryotic cell biology, genome biology, virology, and animal behavior. These research strengths allow us to offer a breadth of courses, allowing you to explore the diverse subject areas encompassed by modern biology.
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