Congratulations to the *many* BSC students recognized during honors week!

The department of Biological Sciences is very proud of our students whose achievements in academics, research, and teaching were recognized during Honors Week. Congratulations all!

Inge and Ilouise Hill Research Fellowship
Katie Sandlin (Reed)

Joab Langston Thomas Scholarship
Rebecca Varney (Kocot)

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student in Biological Sciences
Fall 2018 – Samuel Scopel (Caldwell)
Fall 2018 – Jennifer Thies (Caldwell)
Spring 2018 – Jennifer Gresham (Earley)
Spring 2018 – Feng Kong (Ramonell)

Bishop Award
Anthony Cremo (Yoder)
Aurora Giorgi (Olson)
Jason Jackson (Lozier)
Matteo Monti (Olson)

Ralph L. Chermock Prize
Andrei Bombin (Reed)

Graham Prize
Katie Sandlin (Reed)

Michael L. McDaniel Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Colon
Caitlin Kinder
Vanessa Marshall
Emma Neumann
Olivia Van Praag

Septima Cecilia Smith Award
Jillian Hochstrasser
William Jackson
Madelyn Lee
Pedram Maleknia

Grandland and Louise Rice Scholarship
Ryan Cooke
Bailey Creighton
Owen Cunneely
Jillian Dunbar
Sarah Thomas

Holzangel Award in Biology Major
Charis Thomas

James D. and Donjette Yarbrough Scholarship
Sarah-Ashley Giambrone

J. Henry Walker Memorial Scholarship
Madison Brewster

Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award
Lauren Cook (K. Caldwell)
Emma Culbertson (Hatoum)
Owen Cunneely (Reed)
Olivia Fish (Reed)
Lacey Kennedy (K. Caldwell)
Emily Pabst (Kocot)
Abigail Sisti (Earley)
Ryan Tuckey (G. Caldwell)
Madeline Vaji (G. Caldwell)
Audrey Ward (Earley)

A&S Summit for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (URSCA)
Lauren Harper (Chtarbanova) – 2nd Place (oral presentation)
Garrison Hughes (Secor) – 4th Place (oral presentation)
Kyle Maas (Earley) – Honorable Mention (oral presentation)
Abbie Ruesy & Ryan O’Rourke (Reed) – 1st Place (poster presentation)
Ryan Partiain (Kocot) – 2nd Place (poster presentation)
Madeline Vaji (K. Caldwell) – 3rd Place (poster presentation)
Carter Burton & Mallory Maza (Ramonell) – 4th Place (poster presentation)

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Conference
Joe Holden (Ciesla) – tied for 1st Place (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Emma Neumann & Jake Houck (McKain) – tied for 1st Place (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Michelle Tan, Rosemary Hartline, & Rachel Cowan (Reed) – tied for 2nd Place (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Danielle Goduto & Catherine Howard (McKain) – tied for 2nd Place (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Ryan Tuckey (G. Caldwell) – tied for 3rd Place (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Sydney Jones & Daniel Risman (McKain) – Honorable Mention (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Lacey Kennedy (K. & G. Caldwell) – Honorable Mention (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Victoria Colon & Nathaniel Hill (Earley) – Honorable Mention (Life Sciences – In Progress)
Madeline Vaji (G. & K. Caldwell) – 5th place (Life Sciences – Completed Works)