Winners of the 4th Annual Frontiers in Biology Research Colloquium

Undergraduate researchers:
First – Sarah Crocker-Buta (Secor)
Second – Amelia Randazzo (Secor)
Third – Jonathan Belanich (Secor)

Masters students:
First – Tao Jing (Ramonell)
Second – John Boyd (Staudhammer)
Third – James Melton (Lopez-Bautista)

1-3Y PhD students:
First -Sarah Duncan (Rissler)
Second – Rami Ajjuri (O’Donnell)
Third – Mike Kendrick (Huryn)

4+Y PhD students:
First – Julia Stevens (Olson)
Second – Mark Garcia (Earley)
Third – Wei Wang (Yoder)

Thanks to all of the judges: Chris Edge, Andrea Moss, Ana Tronholm, Jane Rasco, Jeff Lozier, Christy Staudhammer, Laura Reed, John Yoder, and Jennifer Edmonds.