Undergraduate Research winners

Winners at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Conference were:

– Paige Dexter “Genetic Analysis of MicroRNAs to Identify Regulators of Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease Models” (First place – Poster). Mentor: Guy Caldwell.

– Sarah Boyd “The Effects of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Drosophila Development” (First place – Poster). Mentor: Janis O’Donnell.

– Matthew Hicks “Investigating the Role of Heterotrimeric G-protein Signaling in a C. elegans Parkinson’s Disease Model” (Second place – Oral presentation) Mentor: Kim Caldwell.

– Chelsea Raulerson “Is Infinite Strength Achievable? Implications for Dominance Hierarchy Formation in Animals” (Third place – Poster). Mentor: Ryan Earley.

– Coston Rowe, Yi Chen and Hayley Leuch “Gene interactions in genetic models of Parkinson’s disease and autism” (Fourth place – Poster). Mentor: Janis O’Donnell