The spring 2012 department seminar schedule

January 12
Antonis Rokas – Vanderbilt
4:00pm, 202 Biology

January 19
Duncan Irschick – UMass Amherst
“The Evolution of Animal Performance: An Integrative View”
4:00pm, 202 Biology

January 26
Nicholas Bergman – DHS/Ga Tech
4:00pm, 202 Biology

January 26
“No Dinosaurs in Heaven” documentary screening with National Center for Science Education director Dr. Eugenie Scott & filmmaker Greta Schiller.
7:30 pm, 127 Biology.
The ALLELE Seminar Series

February 2

February 9
Brian Counterman – Mississippi State
“A Tale of Two Butterflies: The Genetics and Mimetic History of Heliconius”
4:00pm, 202 Biology

February 16
Andrew Yurochko – LSUHSC-S
“Engagement of a Unique Combination of Integrins and EGFR Signaling Allows HCMV to Hijack Monocytes, Promoting Persistence and Disease”
4:00pm, 202 Biology

February 23
Andy Sih – UC Davis
4:00pm, 202 Biology

March 1
Luciano Matzkin – UAH
Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics of Adaptation in Cactophilic Drosophila
4:00pm, 202 Biology

March 8
Brian Langerhans – NC State
4:00pm, 202 Biology
(Grad student invited speaker)

March 22
Jonas Almeida – UAB
Pervasive bioinformatics
4:00pm, 202 Biology

March 29
Mike Hickerson – Queens College, CUNY
“Raising the Ghosts of Ecological Communities Past”
The Hickerson research lab
4:00pm, 202 Biology

April 12
Joanna Kelley – Stanford University
4:00pm, 202 Biology

April 19
Megan Duffy – Georgia Tech
4:00pm, 202 Biology

April 26
Kelly Dyer – University of Georgia
4:00pm, 202 Biology