Second edition of Dr. Arthur Benke’s book “Rivers of North America” published by Academic Press/Elsevier

Academic Press/Elsevier has recently published a second edition of Professor Emeritus Art Benke and Bert Cushing’s award-winning book, Rivers of North America (2005).  Published in 2023, Benke teamed up with Mike Delong and Tim Jardine to produce what is essentially a second volume with rivers that were treated briefly in 2005 now expanded to “focus river” status and many new rivers added.  Benke also coauthored four of the chapters, and UA emeritus faculty Milt and Amy Ward and current professor Phil Harris again wrote the chapter on the southeastern Gulf which includes the Black Warrior, Tombigbee, and Coosa Rivers, among others.  With 100+ chapter authors and 24 chapters, the book covers rivers from southern Mexico to the Arctic.  Full color topographic maps and photos are provided for all 156 rivers, totaling >1000 pages.  The same format is used for all rivers and includes information on early human history, physiography, climate, land use, geomorphology, hydrology, chemistry, biodiversity, ecology, and human impacts, as well as a one-page summary.

While the book lists for $230, a 25% discount ($172) can be received on Amazon and Elsevier websites.  The same price applies to both printed and e copies, and a “bundle” (printed + e copy) is available at half price (i.e., $230 for both). Shipping is free. 

Detailed information on book content, including several sample chapters is available from

St Marys River (FL, GA)
Little River Fall (Northeast AL)
Skagit River (WA)
Deschutes River (OR)
Potomac River (MD, VA, WV, PA)