Publication from Drs. Ciesla and Maitra

Collaborative research from Drs. Ciesla and Maitra and graduate student Swarnali Chatterjee was recently published in the journal Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy. The UA team has identified a natural compound, gardenin A, which provides neuroprotection in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Previously this chemical was shown by Drs. Ciesla and Maitra to provide neuroprotection in a Drosophila model of PD. The UA team alongside their OHSU collaborators plan to further work on this interesting natural compound and evaluate its potential for use in Lewy Body Dementia, an Alzheimer’s disease related dementia.  

The title, authors, and publication link are listed below.

Wyatt Hack, Noah Gladen-Kolarsky, Swarnali Chatterjee, Qiaoli Liang, Urmila Maitra, Lukasz Ciesla, Nora E Gray

Figure from manuscript showing effect of gardenin A.