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New study in PNAS by Kocot lab members sheds light on early mollusk evolution

The Cambrian Explosion was a dramatic event during which almost all major animal groups emerged simultaneously, making it a challenge to reconstruct the relationships between different branches of the animal tree of life. To better understand the early evolution of Mollusca, the second most diverse group of animals, a new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences co-authored by Dr. Kevin Kocot and PhD candidate Meghan Yap-Chiongco in Department of Biological Sciences and Alabama Museum of Natural History […]

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Update on Course Instruction Modes for Fall 2020 Semester

Many of you have likely received an email from the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences this morning regarding changes to course instruction for the Fall 2020 semester consistent with the recommended guidelines to promote health and safety on our campus. The Department of Biological Sciences wanted to follow up with some specific information for our majors and minors.  All of our courses are being offered under multiple formats during the Fall 2020 semester, including traditional face-to-fact on […]

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News archive 2009-2010

Amy Gargis has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. She will be working in the Laboratory Research and Evaluation Branch, Division of Laboratory Science and Standards Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services. (8/10) Graduate students Adam Knight (Caldwell) and Gavin Daigle (O’Donnell) have co-authored a research review “Reprogramming Parkinson’s disease research” for the journal Disease Models and Mechanisms. The review resulted from an assignment in a graduate class taught by Dr. Guy […]

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News archive 2008-2009

Congratulations to Kim Caldwell, Juan Lopez-Bautista, Katrina Ramonell and Leslie Rissler, who have been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective 16 August 2009. (7/09) The research labs of 16 faculty members, the departmental administrative office and most of the teaching labs have moved (or will be moving shortly) to the newly completed (and unimaginatively named) Science and Engineering Complex. (7/09) Five undergraduates have been named the 2009-2010 Alabama Dystonia Scholars and Parkinson’s Association of Alabama Scholars. The five students work in the laboratory of […]

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News archive 2007-2008

Faculty promotions, effective 16 August 2008: Bob Findlay, Alex Huryn and Milt Ward to Professor; Phil Harris to Associate Professor. Congratulations all! (8/08) A spray developed by Dr. Dave Francko and colleagues improves plant cold tolerance. (7/08) Haj A. Allali, graduate student in the PhycoLab, has received the 2008 Grants in Aid of Research Program Award from the Phycological Society of America for his research project “Subaerial tropical microchlorophytes from Western Africa.” (7/08) Daryl W. Lam, graduate student in the PhycoLab, has received the […]

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News archive 2006-2007

Incoming graduate student Brittney McInnis has been awarded a Graduate Council Fellowship. (8/07) Dr. Bernie Kuhajda has published several papers in the most recent issue of Journal of Applied Ichthyology, an issue devoted to the biology of river sturgeon. (7/07) The University of Alabama has announced a collaborative research and licensing agreement with QRxPharma. (8/07) Graduate student Melissa Bailey (Dr. Jane Rasco) has been selected to be the 2007-2008 student representative of the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society! (7/07) UA biologists Guy and Kim Caldwell and Dr. David […]

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News archive 2005-2006

Graduate student Shaw Gargis has received a Fulbright Scholarship and will spend a year studying and doing research at The University of Otago in New Zealand. (9/06) Congratulations to the following faculty members for awards and special recognition: Janis O’Donnell – Leadership Board Oustanding Commitment to Teaching, and College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellow. Ron Hood – Fellow, Academy of Toxicological Sciences. Martha Powell – Fellow, American Mycological Society. Katrina Ramonell and Jane Rasco – National Academy Teaching Fellows for […]

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