Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research Interests

Faculty in the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) group carry out research in the following areas:

  • Cellular and developmental biology: signal transduction, innate and acquired immunity, developmental genetics, evolution of developmental mechanisms.
  • Microbiology: bacterial physiology, bacterial gene structure and function, virology.
  • Animal physiology: behavioral endocrinology, comparative and integrative physiology.
  • Molecular genetics: regulation of gene expression, genetics of complex traits, functional genomics, molecular toxicology, computational biology.
  • Biochemistry: protein structure and function, bioremediation, metabolism.
  • Neurobiology: models of human disease, regulation of neural function.

MCB Faculty

Faculty MemberMolecularCellularDevelopmentalGeneticsGenomicsMicrobiologyNeurobiology
Guy A. Caldwell YesYes Yes  Yes
Kim A. Caldwell YesYes Yes  Yes
Stanislava Chtarbanova-Rudloff   Yes  Yes
Carol Duffy YesYes   Yes 
Ryan L. Earley Yes  Yes   
Janna Fierst   Yes   
Asma Hatoum-Aslan Yes  Yes Yes 
Matthew Jenny YesYes Yes  
Jeff Lozier   YesYes  
Stevan Marcus YesYes  Yes  
Michael McKain   Yes   
Janis O’Donnell YesYesYes  Yes 
Julie B. Olson     Yes 
Martha J. Powell YesYes     
Katrina Ramonell Yes      
Laura Reed   YesYes  
Stephen Secor       
Patricia Sobecky    YesYes 
John Yoder YesYesYesYes