Ecology, Evolution and Systematics

The research focus of faculty in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics (EES) is aquatic biology with research strengths and programmatic themes that link freshwater biodiversity, evolution and ecosystem studies. Faculty in this area conduct research in:

  • ecosystem processes
  • ecology
  • evolution
  • physiology
  • systematics of plants, fishes, herpetofauna, invertebrates and microorganisms

Faculty in this research area include:

CARLA ATKINSON. Community and ecosystem ecology, freshwater ecology, conservation biology.

JON BENSTEAD. Community and ecosystem ecology of streams and rivers.

JULIA CHERRY. Ecology of wetland vascular plants and wetland ecosystems.

RYAN L. EARLEY. Animal behavior, behavioral ecology, behavioral neuroendocrinology in fish (freshwater, brackish, and marine) and reptiles.

PAIGE FERGUSON. Ecological modeling, Natural resource conservation and management, Decision analysis, Population ecology, Landscape ecology

JANNA FIERST. Evolutionary genetics, evolutionary theory, comparative genomics, bioinformatics

ROBERT FINDLAY. Ecosystem and microbial ecology.

PHILLIP HARRIS. Molecular systematics and conservation genetics of freshwater fishes.

JENNIFER HOWETH. Community and ecosystem ecology of ponds and lakes, spatial ecology, conservation biology.

ALEX HURYN. Aquatic entomology and stream ecology.

KEVIN KOCOT. Invertebrate systematics and evolutionary genomics.

JUAN LOPEZ-BAUTISTA. Molecular systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of marine algae.

JEFF LOZIER. Insect molecular ecology, population genetics and evolution.

BEHZAD MORTAZAVI. Transfer and cycling of bioreactive material in terrestrial and marine ecosystems; natural perturbation and anthropogenic effects on biogeochemical cycles.

JULIE OLSON. Marine microbial ecology.

JASON PIENAAR. Phenotypic evolution. Sex allocation, Phylogenetic methods, Tardigrades.

MARTHA J. POWELL. Development and systematics of aquatic fungi and protists.

LAURA REED. Evolutionary genomics and systems biology of complex disease in Drosophila.

LESLIE J. RISSLER. Comparative phylogeography, conservation genetics, and ecology of North American amphibians.

PATRICIA SOBECKY. Environmental Microbiology, Bioremediation, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Microbial Pathogens, Plasmid Ecology.

GREG STARR. Plant Physiological Ecology and Ecosystems carbon and water dynamics.

CHRISTINA STAUDHAMMER. Mixed effects models in natural resources, design and analysis of experimental data, quantifying size and structure distributional differences in natural systems, and quantifying model uncertainty.