Ecology, Evolution & Systematics

Research Interests

The research focus of faculty in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (EES) is primarily aquatic biology with research strengths and programmatic themes that link freshwater biodiversity, evolution and ecosystem studies. Faculty in this area conduct research in several fields:

  • ecosystem processes
  • ecology
  • evolution
  • physiology
  • systematics of plants, fishes, herpetofauna, invertebrates and microorganisms

EES Faculty

Faculty MemberEvolutionEcologyAquatic & Marine BiologySystematics
Carla AtkinsonYesYes
Gui BeckerYes
Jon BensteadYes
Julia CherryYes
Ryan L. EarleyYes
Paige FergusonYes
Janna FierstYes
Robert FindlayYesYes
Phillip HarrisYesYes
Jennifer HowethYesYes
Alex HurynYesYes
Kevin KocotYesYes
Daryl LamYesYes
Juan Lopez-BautistaYesYes
Jeff LozierYesYes
Behzad MortazaviYesYes
Julie B. OlsonYesYes
Jason PienaarYes
Martha J. PowellYesYes
Laura ReedYes
Patricia SobeckyYesYes
Greg StarrYes
Christina StaudhammerYes