Tyler Hodges

Tyler Hodges

Assistant Professor

  • hodge002@ua.edu
  • 3324 Science and Engineering Complex (SEC)
  • Not Accepting Students


  • PhD, Biological Sciences/Microbiology, The University of Alabama, 2008
  • MS, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacognosy, The University of Mississippi, 2003

Research Interests

  • Applied and environmental microbiology
  • Microbial metabolites and biomolecules
  • Bio-based molecules in polymeric materials and coatings
  • Ecology and applications of bacteriophage
  • Experiential student learning through industry partnerships

Selected Publications

  • Mcinnis, B.M., Hodges, T.W., Kemp, L.K., Kunwar, A., Hurt, J.D., Mcdaniel, S. 2018. Bio-based Antimicrobial Food Packaging Coatings. JCT CoatingsTech.  15 (9), pp. 36-43. 
  • Hodges, T.W., Kemp, L.K., Mcinnis, B.M., Wilhelm, K.L., Hurt, J.D., Mcdaniel, S. and Rawlins, J.W. 2018. Proteins and Peptides as Replacements for Traditional Organic Preservatives: Part I. JCT CoatingsTech. 15(4), 44-50.
  • Hodges, T.W., Kemp, L.K., Mcinnis, B.M., Wilhelm, Rawlins, J.W., McDaniel, S. 2018. Bio-based Additives as In-can Preservatives for Coatings. Proceedings of the 45th Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coatings Symposium. New Orleans, LA, 2018.
  • Hodges, T.W.; Slattery, M; Olson, J.B. 2012. Unique Actinomycetes from Marine Caves and Coral Reef Sediments Provide Novel PKS and NRPS Biosynthetic Gene Clusters. Mar Biotechnol. 14 (3): 270-280.
  • Hammond, N., Kemp, L., Hodges, T. W. 2010. U.S. Provisional Application No. 61/418,639. Small Molecule-Polymer Conjugates and Methods of Making Same.
  • Hammond, N. L., Hodges, T. W., Kemp, L. 2010. U.S. Provisional Application No. 61/418,663. Nucleic Acid-Polymer Conjugates and Uses Thereof.
  • Hammond, N. L., Kemp, L., Hodges, T. W. 2010. Int’l Application No. PCT/US10/36957. Biomolecule-polymer Conjugates and Methods of Making Same.
  • Caldwell, K. A.; Tucci, M. L.; Armagost, J.; Hodges, T. W.; Chen, J.; Memon, S. B.; Blalock, J. E.; DeLeon, S. M.; Findlay, R. H.; Ruan, Q.; Webber, P. J.; Standaert, D. G.; Olson, J. B.; Caldwell, G. A. 2009. Investigating Bacterial Sources of Toxicity as an Environmental Contributor to Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration. PLoS ONE  4 (10): e7227.
  • Hodges, T.W.; Olson, J.B. 2009. Molecular Comparison of Bacterial Communities within Iron-Containing Flocculent Mats Associated with Submarine Volcanoes along the Kermadec Arc. Appl Environ Microbiol 75: 1650-1657.
  • Zhou, Y-D.; Kim, Y-P.; Li, X-C.; Baerson, S.R.; Agarwal, A.K.; Hodges, T.W.; Ferreira, D.; Nagle, D.G. 2004. Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 Activation by (-)-Epicatechin Gallate: Potential Adverse Effects of Cancer Chemoprevention with High-Dose Green Tea Extracts. J Natural Products 67: 2063-2069.
  • Nagle, D.N.; Zhou, Y-D.; Kim,   Y-P.; Hosain, C.F.; Hodges, T.W. 2004. Saururus cernuus Compounds That Inhibit Cellular Responses to Hypoxia. Patent # W02004110348.
  • Hodges, T.W.; Hosain, C.F.; Kim, Y-P.; Zhou, Y-D.; Nagle, D.N. 2004. Molecular-Targeted Antitumor Agents: The Saururus cernuus Dineolignans Manassantin B and 4-O-Demethylmanassantin B are Potent Inhibitors of Hypoxia-Activated  HIF-1. J Natural Products 67: 767-771.
  • Takamatsu, S.; Hodges, T.W.; Rajbhandari, I.; Gerwick, W.H.; Hamann, M.T.; Nagle, D. G. 2003.  Marine Natural Products as Novel Antioxidant Prototypes. J Natural  Products 66: 605-608.