Nate Jones

Nate Jones

Assistant Professor


  • Postdoctoral Research, The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, Virginia Tech
  • PhD, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2015

Research Interests

Our group’s goal is to improve the physical, chemical, and biological function of our water resources.  Our research focuses on (i) examining fundamental (eco)hydrologic and biogeochemical processes, (ii) optimizing ecological engineering activities such as stream and wetland restoration, and (iii) improving watershed management practices.  We work in systems that range from small, upland wetlands to large rivers, and we employ tools [and work with collaborators!] from across engineering, environmental science, and the social sciences.

Selected Publications

Kelleher CA, Gannon JP, Jones CN, Aksoy S. 2022. Best management practices for teaching hydrologic coding in physical, hybrid, and virtual classrooms. Frontiers in Water.

Price AN, Jones CN, Hammond JC, Zimmer MA, Zipper SC. 2021. The drying regimes of non-perennial rivers and streams. Geophysical Research Letters.

Pieper K, Jones CN, Roads W, Gholson D, Katner A, Boellstorff D, Beighley R. 2021. Microbial contamination of drinking water supplied by private wells after Hurricane Harvey. Environmental Science and Technology.

Scott DT, Gomez-Velez JD, Jones CN, Harvey JW. 2019. Floodplain inundation spectrum across the United States. Nature Communications

Jones CN, Ameli AA, Neff BP, Evenson GR, McLaughlin DL, Golden HE, Lane CR. 2019. Modeling connectivity of non-floodplain wetlands: Insights, approaches, and recommendations. Journal of American Water Resources Association.