Ashleigh Kirker

Dr. Ashleigh Kirker

Postdoctoral Researcher (Jones Lab)

Research Areas

  • Hydrologic Modeling
  • Wetland and Stream Hydrology
  • Urban Water

Selected Publications

Kirker, A. N., & Toran, L. (2023). When impervious cover doesn’t predict urban runoff: Lessons from distributed overland flow modeling. Journal of Hydrology, 621, 129539.

Kirker, A. N., & Toran, L. (2023). Dual isotopes of nitrate reveal varying flow paths to stormwater retention basins. Catena, 220, 106681.

Kirker, A., & Vulava, V. M. (2021). Identification of Stormwater Pollution Hotspots in Charleston Peninsula. Journal of South Carolina Water Resources, 8(1), 7. DOI: 10.34068/JSCWR/08.01.07