Arial Shogren

Arial Shogren


Assistant Professor


  • Postdoctoral Research, Michigan State University, 2021
  • PhD, Biology, The University of Notre Dame, 2018

Research Interests

Our lab’s goal is to understand the integrated “signals” that flowing waters carry as they move downstream. We use methods from stream ecology, biogeochemistry, and hydrology to address questions about the abiotic and biotic conditions that control how material is transported into and processed within freshwater networks. Research in the lab focuses on: (i) constraining the fate of materials in flowing waters, including micro-plastics, solutes and particulates, (ii) using distributed in situ sensors to identify emergent patterns of terrestrial-aquatic connectivity, and (iii) quantifying the effects of altered hydrologic regimes on water quality and ecosystem function. We work in a diverse array of systems that range from the coastal plains of the Southeast, to river networks draining permafrost landscapes in the Arctic.

Selected Publications

  • Abbott, B.W., Rocha, A., Shogren, A.J., Zarnetske, J.P., Iannucci, F., Bowden, W.B., Bratsman, S.P., Patch, L., Watts, R., Fulweber, R., Frei, R.J., Huebner, A.M., Ludwig, L., Carling, G. 2021. Tundra wildfire triggers long-term lateral nitrogen loss. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
  • Shogren, A.J., Zarnetske, J.P., Abbott, B.W., Cairns, S., Duda, M.., Iannucci, F., Bowden, W.B. 2020. Seasonal and event-based concentration-discharge responses in Arctic watersheds. Limnology & Oceanography.
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  • Stachelek, J., Hondula, K., Kincaid, D., Shogren, A.J., Zwart, J. Ripples on the web: spreading lake information via Wikipedia. 2020. Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin
  • Shogren, A.J., Zarnetske, J.P., Abbott, B.W.,  Iannucci, F., Bowden, W.B. We cannot shrug off the shoulder seasons: Addressing knowledge and data baps in an Arctic headwater. 2020. In Press at Environmental Research Letters
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  • Hanrahan, B.R., Tank J.L., Shogren A.J., Rosi, E.J. 2018. Using the Raz-Rru method to examine the linkages between substrate, biofilm colonization, and stream metabolism in open-canopy systems. Freshwater Biology. 63: 1610-1624.
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