Amelia Ward

Amelia K. Ward

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Freshwater microbial ecology with emphasis on primary and secondary productivity of algae and bacteria, nutrient cycling, and interactions of microbiota with other trophic levels in lakes, streams, thermal springs, river floodplains, and wetlands.

Selected Publications

  • Hodgson, J.Y.S. and A.K. Ward. 2018. The development of an oxbow lake in Alabama, USA, inferred from diatom microfossils and sedimentation. Eastern Paleontologist  2:1-15.
  • Ward, A.K. and H.W. Paerl. 2017. Delta Nutrients Forms and Ratios Public Workshop: “Role of Nutrients in Shifts in Phytoplankton Abundance and Species Composition in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta”, Advisory Panel Report to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.  40 pp.
  • Benbow, M. E., J. L. Pechal, and A.K. Ward. 2017.  Heterotrophic Bacterial Production and Microbial Community Assessment. In: Methods in Stream Ecology (F.R. Hauer and G.L. Lamberti, eds).  Academic Press.
  • Ward, G.M., A.K. Ward, and A. Maestre. 2016. Hydrology and Water Quality in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.  In: The Lower Alabama River Area: State of Knowledge of the Natural, Cultural, and Economic Conservation Resources (G.A. Waselkov, C. Fred T. Andrus, and G. Plumb, eds). University of Alabama Press.
  • Hodgson, J.Y.S., A.K. Ward, and C.N. Dahm. 2013. An independently corroborated, diatom-inferred record of long-term drought cycles occurring over the last two millennia in New Mexico, USA.  Inland Waters 3:459-472.
  • Stanley, E.H. and A.K. Ward. 2010. Effects of vascular plants on seasonal pore water carbon dynamics in a lotic wetland. Wetlands 30:889-900.
  • Cherry, J.A., A.K. Ward, and G.M. Ward.  2009.  The dynamic nature of land-water interfaces: water depth regulates productivity in the Talladega Wetland Ecosystem.  Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30(6):977-980.
  • Ward, G.M., P.M. Harris, A.K. Ward.  2005.  Gulf Coast Rivers of the Southeastern United States.  pp. 125-162 In: Rivers of North America (A.C. Benke and C.E. Cushing, eds).  Academic Press.
  • Stanley, E.H., M.D. Johnson, and A.K. Ward.  2003.  Evaluating the influence of macrophytes on algal and bacterial production in multiple habitats of a freshwater wetland.  Limnology & Oceanography 48:1101-1111.