Graduate Handbook

Download the PDF version of the 2022-2023 Graduate Handbook.

The Graduate Handbook is divided into multiple sections. Please read the section appropriate to your degree of study. The specific sections contain step-by-step descriptions of the milestones that must be completed to obtain the degree. A timeline is included showing when each milestone should be completed. It is each graduate student’s responsibility to be aware of these milestones and their associated deadlines and make all preparations to complete these critical steps toward degree completion. A course checklists and timelines form is also available to help you with your planning.

Links to the various forms that must be filed to report completion of each task and milestone are provided on the department website; hard copy examples are included in the Appendix. All graduate school forms are also available on the Forms for Graduate Students page.

The final three sections provide general information on financial aid and guidance for students on choosing a research mentor or seeking to change between research laboratories or degrees.

This Graduate Student Handbook is an essential supplement to the University of Alabama Graduate Catalog and intended primarily to detail requirements specific to the biological sciences graduate program. As such, students should also refer to the Graduate Catalog for information regarding all general requirements of the Graduate School.

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