Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin

she/her/hers Degree Program: PhD Advisor: Kevin Kocot


Invertebrate taxonomy and systematics with a focus on Solenogastres (Mollusca, Aplacophora).

Selected Publications

1. McLaughlin, E.L., Wilson, N.G., Rouse, G.W. 2023 Resolving the taxonomy of the Antarctic feather star species complex Promchocrinus ‘kerguelensis’ (Echonodermata: Crinoidea). Invertebrate Systematics 37(7), 498-727.

2. Cobo, M.C., McLaughlin, E.L., Kocot, K.M. 2023. Four new Solenogastres (Mollusca, Aplacophora) from the South China Sea and the paraphyly of Proneomeniidae Simroth 1893. Invertebrate Systematics 37 (5-6), 301-333.