Bama Biology Bootcamp (B³) helps undergraduates make a successful transition to college

Bama Biology Bootcamp (B³) is a one-week intensive program run by The University of Alabama Department of Biological Sciences for students enrolled in or planning to enroll in Biology courses. Its purpose is to help students make a successful transition from the expectations of high school to those of college.

B³ is offered as a 1 credit hour course. Participants will be able to register for BSC 103 – Bama Biology Bootcamp during their Bama Bound registration time. The 2024 Bama Biology Bootcamp will be held from August 12-16, 2024. Find day-to-day program details on the schedule page. Students can apply to participate by completing the Bama Biology Bootcamp application. Once students have applied for the Bootcamp program, they will be sent additional information about the program and the formal course registration process.

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