Course Schedule 2017-2018

Course Number Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018
BSC 108 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 109 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 114 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 115 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 116 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 117 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 118 No Yes No
BSC 120 No No Yes
BSC 215 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 216 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 220 No No undecided
BSC 242 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 300 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 310 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 311 No Yes No
BSC 312 Yes (L) Yes (L) Yes (L)
BSC 313 No Yes (L, W) No
BSC 314 No undecided No
BSC 315 No Yes Yes
BSC 320 No Yes (L, W) No
BSC 340 No Yes No
BSC 360 No Yes No
BSC 371 Yes (L) No No
BSC 373 No No No
BSC 376 No No Yes (L, W)
BSC 380 No Yes No
BSC 385 No Yes Yes
BSC 400/500 No No undecided
BSC 415/515 No No Yes
BSC 417/517 No No Yes
BSC 420/520 No No No
BSC 421/521 No Yes No
BSC 422/522 No No Yes
BSC 424/524 No Yes No
BSC 428/528 No Yes (L) No
BSC 431/531 No Yes No
BSC 435/535 No Yes No
BSC 439/539 No Yes (L) No
BSC 441/541 No No No
BSC 442/542 No No Yes
BSC 444/544 No Yes No
BSC 448/548 Yes (W) undecided No
BSC 449/549 No No Yes (W)
BSC 450/550 Yes Yes Yes
BSC 451/551 No No Yes
BSC 456/556 No No No
BSC 460/560 No No Yes (L, W)
BSC 464/564 No No Yes (L, W)
BSC 465/565 No No No
BSC 469/569 No Yes (L) No
BSC 470/570 No No Yes
BSC 472/572 No Yes (L, W) No
BSC 475/575 No No No
BSC 476/576 No No No
BSC 480/580 No No No
BSC 482/582 No No No
BSC 483/583 No Yes No
BSC 487/587 No No No
BSC 490/590 No No Yes (L)
BSC 493/593 No No No
BSC 497/597 Si No No No
BSC 497/597 Bf No Yes No
BSC 497/597 Bc Yes (L) No Yes (L)
BSC 497/597 Ce No Yes (L) No
BSC 497/597 Co No No Yes
BSC 497/597 DE No No No
BSC 497/597 Ph No No Yes (L)
BSC 586 No No No
BSC 620 No No No
BSC 635 No No Yes
BSC 652 No No Yes
BSC 653 No No Yes
BSC 654 No No Yes
BSC 656 No No No
BSC 666 No No Yes
BSC 675 No No No
BSC 695 ED No No No
BSC 695 FE No Yes No
BSC 695 GS No Yes No
BSC 695 Me No No No
BSC 695 SM No No No
BSC 695 SW No Yes No
MS 448 Yes (L) No No

L = fulfills upper-level majors laboratory requirement
W = fulfills University core writing requirement
Bf = Bioinformatics
BC = Biochemistry Lab
Co = Computational Biology
Ce = Cell Biology Lab
CS = Cellular Stress Response
DE = Disease Ecology
ED = Experimental Design
EG = Evolutionary Genomics
FE = Foundations of Ecology
GS = Intro to Grad Studies
Me = Meta Analysis in Ecology
Ph = Phage Discovery
Si = Signal Transduction in Neurobiology
SM = Statistical Methods in Spatial Ecology & Epidemiology
SW = Scientific Writing

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