Shelby  Rinehart

Postdoctoral Researcher (Cherry lab)


Ph.D., Ecology, San Diego State University and University of California Davis Joint Doctoral Program, 2018

B.Sc., Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, 2013

Selected Publications

Rinehart, S., and D. Hawlena. 2020. Effects of predation-risk on prey stoichiometry: A meta-analysis. Ecology. e03037.

Walker, J., S. Rinehart, W.K. White, E.D. Grosholz, and J.D. Long. 2020. Local and regional variation in effects of burrowing crabs on plant community structure. Ecology. e03244.

Rinehart, S., and J.D. Long. 2019. Conspecific density, not pollen, reduces omnivore per capita prey consumption. PLOS ONE. 14(8): e0215264.

Rinehart, S., and J.D. Long. 2018. Habitat use is linked to resource-specific performance of an ecologically important marsh predator. Ecosphere. 9(5): e02273.10.1002/ecs2.2273.

Rinehart, S., S.C.  Schroeter, and J. D. Long. 2017. Density-mediated indirect effects from active predators and narrow habitat domain prey. Ecology. 98: 2653-2661.