G. Milton Ward

G. Milton Ward

Professor Emeritus | Curator of Insects, Alabama Museum of Natural History


  • Ph.D., Biology, Michigan State University, 1977


Research Interests

My research interests are in stream/river and wetland ecology. Research activities involve study of the processes through which stream and wetland ecosystems acquire, store, process, and export dissolved and particulate organic matter. The processes investigated are organic matter loading (litter fall, hydrologic import), microbial decomposition, leaf litter consumption by herbivorous and detritivorous insects, and hydrologic export. I have been involved in a long-term research (18 y) effort at the Talladega Wetland Ecosystem which has provided interesting insights into how ecosystems transition from aquatic to terrestrial phases.

Selected Publications

Graves, P. H. and G. M. Ward.  Distribution of mayflies and stoneflies along the mainstem of the Cahaba River, Alabama.  SE Naturalist (in press).

Cherry, Julia, A. K. Ward, and G. M. Ward. 2009. The dynamic nature of land-water interfaces: changes in structure and productivity along a water depth gradient in the Talladega Wetland Ecosystem.  Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 30(pt 6): 977-980.

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