Arthur Benke

Arthur C. Benke

Professor Emeritus


  • Ph.D., Zoology, University of Georgia, 1972

Research Interests

Although I am retired, most of my research interests continue to be focused the ecology of freshwater invertebrates, particularly insects, and their role in aquatic ecosystems.  I have worked in streams, Coastal Plain rivers, and wetlands, mostly in systems prevalent throughout the southeastern U.S.  Much of my work has emphasized the theory and practice of estimating invertebrate production, but I also have related interests in population dynamics, drift dynamics, predator-prey relationships, and effects of urbanization on streams.  In more recent years I have been particularly interested in the application of secondary production in the quantification of flow food webs using secondary production as the starting point.  I am currently working with colleagues and former students in analyzing data and preparation of manuscripts.  Finally, my 25-year passion for conservation of rivers, particularly concerning the devastating impacts of dams on these rivers, continues today.

Selected Publications

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