Changing Program

Conditional M.S. to M.S. and Conditional Ph.D. to Ph.D.

All students admitted conditionally to the Biological Sciences Graduate Program must maintain a 3.0 GPA for the first 12 hours of courses (both undergraduate and graduate) taken as a student in the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Alabama.  All hours taken in the semester in which the student reaches 12 hours will be considered even if the total exceeds 12 hours.  In addition, the student must maintain a 3.0 in the first 12 hours of graduate courses.  Failure to meet either of these requirements will result in Academic Suspension (dismissal) from the program.  When a student satisfies both of these conditions, the student is then given the status of a regularly admitted student.

M.S. to Ph.D.

Students may apply to enter the Ph.D. program while currently enrolled in the M.S. program without completing the M.S. if: 1) they entered under a regular admission; 2) they are in good standing; and 3) their current (or an alternative) major professor supports their application. Students must complete an online expedited Master’s to Doctoral Program application form via the Graduate School website. The application must include at least three letters of recommendation from among the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences and a brief statement concerning the proposed doctoral research.  The student’s academic record will be reviewed.  Additional pertinent information, such as papers presented, meetings attended, and manuscripts submitted, in press, or published, should be included in the application.  The applicant is urged to retake the GRE if the initial scores were low, as higher scores will enhance the chances of acceptance of the application. However, this is not a requirement.  Students in the University Scholars Program cannot enter into the Ph.D. program without completing the M.S.

Conditional M.S. to Ph.D.

All students that are conditionally admitted to the M.S. program are required to complete an M.S. Degree (either Plan I or II) prior to applying to enter the Ph.D. program. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be endorsed by a student’s Supervisory Committee and approved by the BSC Graduate Committee and Department Chair.

Plan II M.S. for Students Unable to Fulfill Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree:  Students in good standing who do not pass the Ph.D. preliminary exam after two attempts, are dismissed from a laboratory by their advisor and cannot identify a new advisor, or decide to leave the Ph.D. program after passing the preliminary exam but prior to completing the Ph.D. dissertation can apply for a Plan II M.S. degree after (1) submitting a written report detailing their research experience, (2) presenting a formal departmental seminar on their research, and (3) passing a final M.S.-level oral exam