Theses & Dissertations

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NameProject TitleDefense
Phil LeeDissertationFebruary 10, 2017
Bryan MartinezDissertationFebruary 17, 2017
Trey MeltonDissertationMarch 3, 2017
Siyuan (Alice) ZangDissertationMarch 10, 2017
Zipeng Zeng, Michael Teal, Braxton GreerThesis defense minisymposiumMarch 31, 2017
Gabrielle King, Grace Scarsella, Riley LovejoyThesis defense minisymposiumApril 14, 2017
De’Anna Trunnell, Kiel Shuey, Melanie PainterThesis defense minisymposiumApril 28, 2017


NameProject TitleDefense
Peter Scott“Speciation, hybridization, and conservation of musk turtles in the southeastern United States”February 12, 2016
Michael Kendrick“River Ecosystems in a Changing Arctic: Using Retrospective and Experimental Approaches to Understanding Future Change”March 11, 2016
Nick CarusoDissertationNovember 4, 2016
Kristi MarsonThesisNovember 18, 2016
Nikaela Y. Flournoy“A Multiphasic Approach To Investigating Microbial Community Structure And Function In Oiled Salt Marshes And Weathered Crude Oil Products During The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill”December 2, 2016


NameProject TitleDefense
Adam Blair Fuller“The Influence of the Social Environment on Phenotypic Plasticity, Flexibility, and Evolution”February 23, 2015
Johnathan Keith“The Potential of Cr3 (Cr3O(propionate)6(H2O)3]Cl ) to Reduce Birth Defects in the Offspring of Diabetic CD-1 Mice”April 6, 2015


NameProject TitleDefense
Julia Stevens“Assessment of the bacterial communities associated with the Indo-Pacific lionfish, a study of biogeography and host-microbe interactionsMarch 14, 2014
Sparkle Malone“Hydrology Drives Everglades Ecosystem Function: Implications for Ecosystem Vulnerability to Drought, Energy Balance, Climate Teleconnections and Climate Change”April 1, 2014
Zachery Nichelson“Roles of protein kinae A, stress-responsive map kinases, and targets of rapamycin (tor) in rotenon and paraquat restance in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.April 10, 2014
Leigh Ann Pledger“The Potential Adverse Effects of Positively and Negatively Charged Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on Pregnant CD-1 Mice and Their Offspring”April 10, 2014
Dylan Marchione“Towards an understanding of the mechanism of action of the tumor-inhibitory triterpenoid saponin avicin G”April 11, 2014
Neil Tindellshavenbaby and its role in the formation of adult trichomes in Drosophila melanogaster” April 16, 2014
Michelle Harris“Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, and Acesulfame K: Deprivation Effect in CD-1 Mice”April 17, 2014
Elise Chapman“Biogeochemical cycling in a large river with variable geomorphology”May 13, 2014
Arpita Ray“Identification and mechanistic analyses of genetic and environmental risk factors associated with Parkinson’s disease using a Caenorhabditis elegans model”May 21, 2014
Diane Schneider“Determining the impact of oil contamination on coupled nitrification-dentirification processes in Juncus roemerianus and Spartina alternifloramarshes: A greenhouse study”May 22, 2014
Kelly Dew-Budd“Quantitative trait loci associated with the genotype-by-diet interaction for larval triglycerides and transgenerational effects of a high fat diet inDrosophila melanogaster”July 17, 2014
Benjamin Henderson“Using Drosophila melanogaster as a model to study the biological effects of exposure to polyacrylic acid coated iron oxide nanoparticles”July 23, 2014
Brittney Kindall“Assessing Myo-Inositol-1-Phosphate Synthase Expression in Photosynthetic Complexes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiJuly 23, 2014
Jack HammontreeAssessing the Possibility that Misregulation of Myo-Inositol-1-Phosphate Synthase (MIPS) Biosynthesis in Curly-Tail Mice is the Result of Epigenetic Modification of RFX1 Transcription Factor Binding to the MIPS Promoter”July 24, 2014
Rebecca Jane Bernard“Nitrogen Cycling in the Gulf of Mexico Estuaries: How Do Nitrate Reduction Pathways Differ Between River-Dominated and Groundwater-Dominated Estuaries?”October 3, 2014
JJ Wedgeworth“Survey of Drinking Water Quality and Health in Alabama’s Black Belt”October 10, 2014
Prarthana GhoshCompound specific isotope analysis of amino acids in freshwater ecosystem: Insights and applications”November 18, 2014


NameProject TitleDefense
Julia Jarnigan“Carbon dynamics along a productivity gradient in saltwater marsh ecosystems from the Gulf of Mexico”March 1, 2013
Austin Hicks“The Generation of Five Recombinant Herpes Simplex Virus Type I (HSV-1) Mutant Viruses Via Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Mutagenesis”April 5, 2013
Britton O’Shields“Creation and Characterization of an Inducible Dominant-Negative MTF-1 Transgenic Zebrafish”April 10, 2013
John Boyd“Measuring the effects of environmental characteristics on the presence, abundance, and growth of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) regeneration within second-growth stands”May 31, 2013
Ben WilsonSpatial and temporal variability in methane and carbon dioxide exchange at three coastal marshes along a salinity gradient in a northern Gulf of Mexico estuaryJune 18, 2013
Matthew Piteo“Life history aspects of the Brook Silverside, Labidesthes sicculus vanhyningi (Atheriniformes: Atherinopsidae), in the Black Warrior River Drainage, Alabama”July 5, 2013
Rebecca Holland“Exploring Species Delimitation: SEM Examination of Morphological Features in Sister Clade of Chytriomyces hyalinus”July 26, 2013
Brian Shirey“Investigating microbial communities and the environmental factors influencing them in manmade and naturally occurring systems”August 19, 2013
Philips Akinwole“Spatio-Temporal Variation and Dissolved Organic Carbon Processing of Streambed Microbial Community: Stable Carbon Isotope Approach”August 20, 2013
Josh Mays“Movement patterns of bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) in an unregulated floodplain river ecosystem”August 26, 2013
Nathan Whelan“Conservation, Life History and Systematics of Leptoxis Rafinesque 1819 (Gastropoda: Cerithioidea: Pleuroceridae)October 4, 2013
Marcella MoraDissertationOctober 25, 2013
Elise ChapmanDissertationNovember 22, 2013


NameProject TitleDefense
Ben Burch“Evidence for a Functional Inositol Phosphate Biosynthetic Enzyme, 1L-myo-Inositol-1-Phosphate Synthase, in Danio rerio and Pimephales promelasApril 13, 2012
Andrew Whelan“Interaction of soil moisture availability and prescribed fire on the exchange of carbon dioxide, water and energy in longleaf pine forests”April 13, 2012
Rami Ajjuri“Dopamine degeneration and neuroinflammation in Drosophila melanogaster”April 26, 2012
William J. Davis“In Your Own Backyard: A Look at Local Chytrid Diversity”April 27, 2012
Cassandra Coleman“A Phylogeny and Study of Pollinator Shifts and Floral Traits in the Neotropical Genus Gasteranthus (Gesneriaceae)”May 29, 2012
Kebede Alemu Beshera“Molecular phylogeney, biogeography, population genetics and taxonomy of large barbine minnows (Labeobarbus: Cyprinidae)”June 13, 2012
Anthony James Vedral“Blue crab residency and migration in the Mobile Bay estuary: A stable isotope study”June 14, 2012
Michelle Tucci“Functional analysis of proteins associated with aggregation and neurodegeneration utilizing the model organism Caenorhabditis elegansJune 15, 2012
Jessica Powell“Assessing Seasonal and Potential Hydrocarbon and Despersant Influences on Coastal Alabama Microbial Populations.”June 27, 2012
Nathan Roberts“Involvement of TorsinA in CFTR Processing: New Insights from a C. elegans Model.”July 6, 2012
Amanda Hanninen“Hormonal and Reproductive Plasticity in Variable Environments in the Mangrove Rivulus (Kryptolebias marmoratus)”July 12, 2012
Nicole Mattheus“Landscape-Level Stress Assessment:  Macro-ecological patterns of physiological health in the Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)”July 13, 2012
Allisa Vincent“Seasonal Changes in Wetland Plant Chemical Composition and Effects on Local Environment”July 27, 2012
Erica Thompson“Defining epigenetic mechanisms involved in generating the curly tail phenotype”July 30, 2012
Timothy Wynn“Habitat specific production of a Cahaba River shoal macroinvertebrate assemblage”July 31, 2012
Edwina Clark“Production Of Poly-Hydroxyalkanoates In A Two-Stage Bioreactor”August 27, 2012
Mark J. Garcia“Experience Effects: Changes in Perceived Fighting Ability or By-Product of Metabolic Changes?”August 31, 2012
Ebony Hodges“Purification of full-length VP22 from cells infected with HSV-1: A two-pronged approach for the solubilization and purification of viral proteins for use in biochemical studies”September 11, 2012
Brittany McInnis“Characterization Of The Roles Of Phosholipase B1 And The Cyclic-Amp (Camp)-Protein Kinase A (Pka) Pathway In Nutritional And Osmotic Stress Response In Schizosaccharomyces pombe”September 24, 2012