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Graduate School



IMPORTANT: The Graduate School has changed the process for completing most forms.  Please contact Debbie Eads (deads@ua.edu) for the submission of forms processed via DocuSign.

As of summer 2020 there are some important changes in the flow for processing most forms related to the graduate program. These include committee appointment and changes (except for Plan II MS and MA; see below), plan of study, candidacy, thesis and dissertation defense, and several other forms. These forms now need to be filled out by a department designee. Please contact Josh McCracken (mccra016@ua.edu) or Debbie Eads (deads@ua.edu) to initiate the process.

Forms that are now handled through DocuSign:

Master’s Students

  • Master’s Exam Form
  • Master’s Capstone Project Form
  • Thesis Final Defense Form
  • Committee Acceptance Form for Electronic Thesis

Doctoral Students

  • Outline of Ph.D. Program (Plan of Study)
  • Admission to Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree
  • Doctoral Qualifying Exam Form
  • Doctoral Final Defense Form
  • Committee Acceptance Form for Electronic Dissertation


Additional forms that are still handled by the department and do not use the DocuSign system:

Appointment of Plan II M.S. committee form (PDF)

Appointment of M.A. committee form (PDF)

Change in Graduate Student Source of Support (Qualtrics)

Change of Adviser (PDF)

Handbook waiver form (PDF)


Appointment/Change of Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis Committee:

  1. Go to the Graduate School website (graduate.ua.edu).
  2. Click on “Current Students” in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Graduate Academic Activities.”
  4. You will be directed to login with your MyBama credentials.
  5. This is where you will complete the form.


Depreciated Forms

Below are links to all of the *old* forms. The following items have been depreciated but links are provided for your reference. Please do not use the forms below unless otherwise instructed.


M.A. Program

M.S. Program

Ph.D. Program