Research of Scotty DePriest featured on Graduate School spotlight page

The research of graduate student Scotty DePriest has been featured on the Graduate School spotlight page. Scotty’s research is on the invasive alga Grateloupia taiwanensis, under the supervision of Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista.

Peter Scott awarded dissertation improvement grant

Peter Scott, a graduate student in the Rissler lab, has been awarded a Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation for his dissertation “Species limits, hybrid zones, and systematics of the North American turtle genus Sternotherus”  

Researchers show that protein misfolding can be mitigated by an engineered version of a yeast chaperone protein

A team of researchers that included graduate student Bryan Martinez and Drs. Guy and Kim Caldwell have shown that the Hsp 104 chaperone protein from yeast can be engineered to refold a variety of misfolded proteins, and mitigates some of the neurodegenerative effects of protein misfolding in a C. elegans model of Parkinson’s Disease. The […]

Stephen Secor and co-investigators publish python genome sequence

Dr. Stephen Secor is part of a multi-investigator team that recently published the annotated genome sequence of the Burmese python Python molurus bivittatus.     

Students in intro Biology classes donate toys for needy children

Students in Biology classes taught by Drs. Rosianna Gray and Kim Lackey contributed over 2500 toys to the Daughters of Isis for their annual holiday drive.

Biological Sciences graduate students advance to the finals of the Three Minute Thesis competition

Three Biological Sciences graduate students have advanced to the finals of the Three Minute Thesis competition. Julia Stevens placed 3rd in heat 1, Suja Rajan placed 1st in heat 2, and Rami Ajjuri placed 3rd in heat 3. They will compete again in the final round of 15, on Wednesday, Nov 20th at 6:00 PM in the Russell Lecture […]

UA team part of Parkinson’s Disease breakthrough

A team of researchers that includes faculty members Guy and Kim Caldwell and former UA graduate student Michelle Thompson has identified a compound that ameliorates the neuronal deterioration that causes Parkinson’s Disease. Local news coverage is here and here.  

Ajjuri named to GSA post

Graduate student Rami Ajjuri (O’Donnell) has been named trainee representative to the Genetics Society of America Public Policy Committee for 2014–2015. Congratulations Rami!

BSC 409 students plant gardens

BSC 409 students plant gardens at UA Arboretum Day on Sunday 10/13/2013.

Ben Henderson wins best poster award

Graduate student Ben Henderson was awarded best graduate student poster at the annual Teratology Society Meeting in June 2013.