Phospholipid deficit linked to Parkinson’s Disease

A team of researchers that included the laboratory of Drs. Guy and Kim Caldwell has shown that low levels of the phospholipid phosphatidylethanolamine lead to high levels of the protein alpha-synuclein, a protein linked to Parkinson’s Disease. The work was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Graduate student Brandon Hill attends conference with Nobel laureates

Biological Sciences doctoral student Brandon Hill is attending this week a conference featuring 37 Nobel Prize winners, in Lindau Germany. The conference will feature lectures and workshops by the laureates. Hill was selected to attend as one of 600 graduate students from 80 countries. He is working in the laboratory of Dr. Carol Duffy.

Dr. Laura Berkowitz featured in Nature career article

Dr. Laura Berkowitz, Laboratory Manager for the laboratory of Drs. Kim and Guy Caldwell, was featured in a recent article in Nature, concerning lab-manager jobs as an alternative to tenure track faculty positions.

Pictures and News from the 2014 Alabama in Ecuador Tropical Plant Diversity class

Professor John Clark writes, concerning his Alabama in Ecuador Tropical Plant Diversity class: “We completed a quantitative study of canopy trees in a recently established reserve (EcoMinga’s Rio Zunac).  Some highlights include the collection of three different species of Mangolia and significant range extensions of canopy tree species. Preliminary determinations suggest that we discovered at […]

UA group discovers link between neurodegeneration, glycolysis and the insulin signaling pathway

A UA-led research group has identified a link between the insulin-like signaling pathway, which regulates aging, glycolysis, and neurodegeneration caused by protein misfolding. The research was carried out in the laboratories of UA faculty members Guy Caldwell, Kim Caldwell and Janis O’Donnell, and at Harvard University.  The report will appear in the July 1 issue of the […]

Congratulations to students honored at the Undergraduate Research Conference

Congratulations to the following undergraduate students who were honored at the 2014 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference. Braxton Greer – 1st place, Oral Presentations (Mentor – Dr. Stevan Marcus) Grant Fairchild – 3rd place, Oral Presentation (Mentor – Dr. Kimberlee Caldwell) Matthew Larkin – Honorable Mention, Oral Presentation (Mentor – Dr. Stephen Secor) Hunter Dean – […]

Graduate student Trey Melton selected for national workshop

Trey Melton was selected from a national pool of applicants to participate in March 2014 at the Bodega Bay Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics, sponsored by the Bodega Marine Laboratory and the University of California, Davis.

Research of Scotty DePriest featured on Graduate School spotlight page

The research of graduate student Scotty DePriest has been featured on the Graduate School spotlight page. Scotty’s research is on the invasive alga Grateloupia taiwanensis, under the supervision of Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista.

Peter Scott awarded dissertation improvement grant

Peter Scott, a graduate student in the Rissler lab, has been awarded a Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation for his dissertation “Species limits, hybrid zones, and systematics of the North American turtle genus Sternotherus”  

Researchers show that protein misfolding can be mitigated by an engineered version of a yeast chaperone protein

A team of researchers that included graduate student Bryan Martinez and Drs. Guy and Kim Caldwell have shown that the Hsp 104 chaperone protein from yeast can be engineered to refold a variety of misfolded proteins, and mitigates some of the neurodegenerative effects of protein misfolding in a C. elegans model of Parkinson’s Disease. The […]