Curator of Non-Vascular Plants – Dr. Juan M. Lopez-Bautista (

Curator of Vascular Plants: Dr. Michael McKain (

Assistant Curator: Steve Ginzbar (


Non-vascular plants (UNA)

Includes ~8,400 specimens representing 267 species of algae, moss, liverworts and their relatives collected from the southeastern United States and international localities such as the artic and neotropics. Commonly referenced by phycologists for systematics and biogeography research.

Alga under the microscopeChara alga with zyoges

Vascular Plants (UNA)

Contains >69,000 specimens representing >7,600 species of vascular plants. Includes comprehensive collections of Alabama flora as well as many international collections from the neotropics. The vascular plant collection also includes many old specimens dating back to the late 1800s. Specimens are regularly used for education and research both at UA and other academic institutions.

Bloodroot plantHerbarium space

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