The Department

Welcome to the website for the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alabama. These are exciting times in the Life Sciences as the 21st century has already been host to some of the most remarkable advances in science, technology, and engineering ever witnessed. Discoveries of key proteins and cell signaling pathway mechanisms involved in cell division, genome-enabled insights into the evolutionary arms race between hosts and pathogens, the mechanisms underlying human diseases, and ecological drivers of species diversification, and the effects of climate change on species and ecosystems are but just a few of the many examples.

Faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences conduct research in two major areas: (1) Ecology, Evolution and Systematics and (2) Molecular and Cellular Biology. Within these broad major areas there is considerable research expertise within ecology, evolution, freshwater biology, marine science, microbiology, molecular biology, neurobiology, physiology, and systematics, with multiple linkages and collaborative interactions occurring among these areas. Basic and applied research coupled with integrated, interdisciplinary approaches conducted by our faculty will continue to advance the understanding of living biological systems and provide innovative solutions and technologies to address human health issues and improve the natural environment.  The next decade will continue to add even more discoveries and breakthroughs, leading to more scientific questions and challenges for the next generation of biologists to tackle.

Our dedication to excellence in student-centered teaching combined with cutting edge Life Sciences research makes the Department of Biological Sciences at UA an exciting place to study biology as an undergraduate and a graduate student. We invite you to explore the information on the web pages for more details about undergraduate degrees, graduate programs and faculty research areas.