Course Number Course Titles Attributes Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020
BSC108 Intro Biol Non Majors I Yates Yates Yates
BSC 108 Intro Biol Non Majors I (online) Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
BSC 109 Intro Biol Non Majors II Hicks (Online) Hicks Hicks
BSC 114 Principles I Yates Lam, Lackey, Hodges Lam, Hodges
BSC 115 Principles I Lab Yes (TBD) Yes (TBD) Yes (TBD)
BSC 116 Principles II Harris Kocot Yes (TBD)
BSC 117 Principles II Lab Yes (TBD) Yes (TBD) Yes (TBD)
BSC 118 Honors Principles I G. Caldwell
BSC 120 Honors Principles II Powell
BSC 215 Human A&P I Pienaar, Hodges
BSC 216 Human A&P II Hicks Hicks Pienaar, Hicks, Hodges
BSC 220 Biological Evolution
BSC 242 Microbiology & Man Lam Lam Lam
BSC 300 Cell Biology Yoder, Jenny (?) Yoder Jenny
BSC 303 Field Zoology L
BSC 310 Microbiology I Duffy Olson
BSC 311 Microbiology II Hatoum
BSC 312 Microbiology Lab L Jarnigan Jarnigan Jarnigan
BSC 313 Gen Bactiology Lab L, W
BSC 314 Dendrology L
BSC 315 Genetics Lozier Chtarbanova, K. Caldwell
BSC 320 Freshwater Studies L, W Huryn
BSC 325 Tropical Plant Diversity L
BSC 340 Principles of Natural Resources Ferguson
BSC 360 Plant Biology L  Lopez Starr
BSC 371 Biology of Lower Plants L Lopez
BSC 373 Vertebrate Zoology L
BSC 376 Invertebrate Zoology L, W Kocot
BSC 380 Intro Probability & Statistics Biologists C Staudhammer
BSC 385 Ecology & Evolution Benstead
BSC 386 General Ecology Lab L Heinrich Kersch-Becker
BSC 390 Honors Thesis Research UH Yes Yes Yes
BSC 393 Biology Outreach SL, W Yates Heinrich Heinrich
BSC 398 Undergraduate Research L Yes Yes Yes
BSC 399 Presentation of UG Research W Yes Yes Yes
BSC 400/500 Vertebrate Functional Morphology L
BSC 403/503 Intro to BSC Instruction Hicks Hicks
BSC 404/504 Honors BSC Instruction UH Hicks Hicks
BSC 407/507 Honors Seminar in BSC UH
BSC 409 Pre-health Apprenticeship I Rasco (?)
BSC 410 Pre-health Apprenticeship II Rasco (?)
BSC 412/512 Limnology
BSC 415/515 Wetland Ecology L
BSC 417/517 Environmental Modeling Ferguson
BSC 420/520 Principles of Systematics L
BSC 421 Personalized & Genetic Medicine K. Caldwell
BSC 422/522 Biology of Cancer Ramonell
BSC 424/524 Human Physiology Secor
BSC 425/525 Human Physiology Lab L
BSC 428/528 Biology of Fishes L, W Harris
BSC 431/531 Pathogenic Microbiology Olson
BSC 434/534 Plant Systematics L McKain
BSC 435/535 Immunology Chtarbanova
BSC 436/536 Immunology Lab L, W
BSC 439/539 Bch/Molecular Biology lab L Wang
BSC 441/541 Developmental Biology Yoder
BSC 442/542 Integrated Genomics L Reed (?)
BSC 444/544 General Virology Duffy
BSC 448/548 Animal Behavior W Earley Earley
BSC 449/549 Endocrinology W Earley Earley
BSC 450/550 Fundamentals of Biochemistry Wang (?) Ramonell Wang
BSC 451/551 Molecular Biology
BSC 456/556 Microbial Ecology
BSC 460/560 Human Developmental Biology L, W Rasco (?)
BSC 464/564 Biology of Algae L, W Lopez
BSC 465/564 Principles of Toxicology
BSC 469/569 Histology of Vertebrates L Rasco
BSC 470/570 Principles of Population Genetics
BSC 471/571 Plant Physiology Ramonell (?)
BSC 472/572 Mycology L, W
BSC 473/573 Bioinformatics W Fierst
BSC 475/575 General Entomology L, W
BSC 476/576 Aquatic Insect L
BSC 480/580 Plant Ecology W Starr
BSC 481/581 Foundations Adv Biostatistics
BSC 482582 Conservation Biology Howeth (?) Howeth (?)
BSC 483/583 Evolution W Reed (?)
BSC 484/584 Aquatic Biology Seminar
BSC 485 (no 585?) Foundations in Forest Resources & Cons Staudhammer
BSC 487/587 Biogeography Lozier
BSC 488 Research Seminars in Biology
BSC 490/590 Stream Ecology L Huryn
BSC 493/593 Cell Cycle Regulation W
BSC 496/596 Bioremediation
BSC 497/594 Signal Transduction Neuroby G. Caldwell
BSC 497 Cell Bio Lab Jenny
BSC 497 Metoring: Diveristy in Biology Reed (?) Reed (?)
BSC 497/695 Comparative Animal Physiology Secor
BSC 497/695 Computational Biology Fierst
BSC 497/695 Experimental Design
BSC 497/695 Disease Ecology Becker
BSC 497/695 Microbiomes in Disease & Health Becker
BSC 497/695 Phage Discovery Lab L Hatoum
BSC 497/695 Introduction to Pharmacology Ciesla
BSC 497/695 Biochemistry Lab L Wang (?) Wang
BSC 497/695 Chemical Ecology Kersch-Becker
BSC 497/695 Drug Discovery Lab Ciesla
BSC 497/695 Evolutionary Genomics McKain
BSC 529 Pathophysiology
BSC 533 Microbial Diversity
BSC 586 Stable Isotope Ecology
BSC 595 Advanced Cell Biology
BSC 604 Sci Writing & Presentation Starr
BSC 605 Ecology Systematics Seminar
BSC 606 Adv Ecology Systematics Seminar
BSC 613 Ecosystem & Global Ecology
BSC 620 Molecular Systematics
BSC 635 Developmental Genetics
BSC 651 Population Ecology
BSC 652 Community Ecology
BSC 653 Ecosystem & Global Ecology
BSC 654 Sediment Biogeochemistry
BSC 656 Microscopical Techniques Lackey
BSC 666 Disease Models & Mechanisms G. Caldwell
BSC 675 Global Change Biology
BSC 681 Topics in Drosophila Biology Reed, Chtarbanova
BSC 695 Data handling and presentation in R Benstead (?)
BSC 695 Meta-analysis
BSC 695 Intro to graduate Studies Mortazavi
BSC 695 Foundations of Ecology Atkinson
BSC 695 Advances in Innate immunity and Inflammation
BSC 695 Pedagogy in Biological Sciences


L = fulfills upper-level majors laboratory requirement
W = fulfills University core writing requirement
UH = University Honors
SL = Service Learning