Information for prospective students

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science in Biological Sciences, Master of Science in Marine Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences degrees. The graduate program is designed to provide broad training in the biological sciences, with specialization in the fields of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) or Ecology, Evolution and Systematics (EES). Research foci within MCB include disease model systems; evolutionary and developmental genetics; microbiology and immunology; genomics; and protein biochemistry. Research foci within EES include population, community, and ecosystem ecology; microbial ecology; evolutionary biology; conservation genetics; animal behavior and physiology; and systematics, with a special emphasis on aquatic systems. Detailed faculty research descriptions can be found here.

Most eligible students are supported on teaching or research assistantships or fellowships; these pay a stipend for living expenses plus tuition and medical insurance. Some special opportunities for graduate student support are described here.

For more information on applying to graduate school see the departmental summary of the application process, and the Graduate School’sdetailed instructions and application forms.

Answers to other questions can be found in the Graduate Handbook.